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Drivertise is the new advertise! Drivertise creates a new opportunity for businesses to advertise with qualified local drivers, known as Drivertisers, to display their message in a unique, vibrant and memorable way. Jimmy, owner and founder of Drivertise, is a client with great ideas and big dreams! The team at Fresh crafted a unique, vibrant logo and brand identity, print collateral, and online presence to brand his vision. The logo icon was inspired by the transformation of wrapping a vehicle and how this form of advertising can help their clients drive their brands. Modern san-serif fonts, set in italics and uppercase give the brand a strong and bold apperance and complimented the vibrant, tone-on-tone green colour palette. Drivertise is all about getting noticed and Jimmy wanted his brand to do just that. You may even see him driving around Kamloops in his own branded, wrapped truck - designed by yours truly! Work included: logo and brand identity, business cards, posters, rack cards, vehicles decals.